March 22 • Abilene, Texas
27 Registered Females $2478
8 Opens $2325
15 Breds $2267
4 Pairs & 3N1s $3575
30 Bulls $3540
100 Commercial Females $1997
51 Opens $1587
21 Breds $2057
28 Pairs & 3N1s $2700
Auctioneer: Terry Reagan
Sale Manager: Gary Bruns

Tops: Lack-Morrison, Clovis, NM consigned an open LM Mr Hawk 802/39 daughter, which was purchased by Eddie Johnson, Clyde, TX for $5000.
Big Elm Cattle Co., Abilene, TX consigned a 83 Sundance 3097, daughter with a JNL Sharpton calf at side which was purchased by Lack-Morrison for $3900.
Big Elm consigned a Brinks Robertson 820U2 son which was purchased by Bob Helmers, Christoval, TX for $5250.
Wilson & Wilson, Whitehouse, TX consigned a JLS Lucky 789N son which was purchased by Mike Irish, Lubbock, TX for $5000.


April 2 • Wichita Falls, Texas

The market was steady with good demand all the way through the sale. We would like to thank buyers and sellers alike. We felt like we had a very nice selection of cows and bulls. This sale included 554 pairs and bred cows, 69 Angus bulls, 5 Charolais bulls and 1 horned Hereford bull.
Selling 25 Angus pairs that were 2 year old/bwf calf average $2700. 50 Red Angus pairs that were 2 year old/Red Angus calves average $255-2775. 43 Angus pairs that were 4-5 year old/Charolais calves average $2550. 22 Angus and bwf pairs that were 4/5 year old baby calves average $2275. 33 Angus and bwf cows that were 4/5 year old and 6-8 month bred average $2075. 30 thin Brangus, Angus bwf 3/5 year old small calves average $1990. 27 Angus and bwf pairs that were 2 year old and 250 lb. calves average $2525. 11 pairs and 3-in-1 two year olds that were 350 lb. calves average $2725. 19 Angus and bwf bred heifers that were 6 to 8 month bred average $1700. 23 open heifers Angus with 1/8 Beefmaster that was 800 lbs. average $1460. 40 Angus pairs that were 3 to 8 year old and 300 lb. calves average $1975-2500. 17 bwf pairs that were 2 year old small calves average $2175-2300. 28 Angus/Corriente pair that were 4-5 year old Angus calves was 200 lbs. average $2300-2350. 17 Brangus and Brangus baldies that were 2 year old baby calves average $2130. Registered Angus bulls average $3000. Commercial Angus bulls average $2275. Charolais bulls average $2000-2400 and one horned Hereford bull average $2650.


March 6 • Houston, Texas
10 Donor Females $27,070
6 Embryo Flushes $10,668
2 Pairs $8000
2 Bred Heifers $11,100
7 Open Heifers $15,143
1 Bull $15,000
Gross $493,900 Avg. $17,640
Auctioneer: Doak Lambert
Sale Manager: American Marketing Service

The sale established a torrid pace from the beginning as the first three lots in the ring fetched $178,000 between them. At $70,000, two lots took home high selling female honors. Lot 5, Ms Brinks Brightside 415R23, consigned by Draggin M Ranch, El Dorado, Arkansas sold for the bid price to Bushley Creek Cattle Co. and Cross N Brangus, Olla, LA. This powerful female is averaging over 18 embryos per flush and is the dam of the $73,000 Dynasty bull, last fall’s high selling herd sire prospect.
Also selling for $70,000 was Lot 7, Oaks Ms Csonka 541T7, consigned by The Oaks Farm, Newnan, GA. This Csonka daughter writes impeccable EPDs and averages over $20,000 on her progeny at public auction. She was purchased by Bushley Creek Cattle Co. and Telpara Hills, Queensland, Australia.
Lot 10, RBM Ms Jethro 924U2 was the third high selling female at $38,000. This proven donor is a full sister to OnStar, Eligdo and Rock Star and is the dam of Righteous. She was consigned by Red Bird Meadows Ranch, Montgomery, TX. and purchased by Triple JR Cattle, Friendswood, TX.
Lot 28, the pick of the Doguet show heifer prospects was the next high seller at $26,500. It was consigned by Doguet’s Diamond D Ranch, Poteet, TX, who sold the 2014 International Champion Female, the Grand Champion junior female in San Antonio and led the two times Show heifer of the year, DDD Ms Barbara 804Y61. The pick sold to Vinson Ranches, Ovalo, TX.
The fifth high selling female, and top selling open heifer was Lot 24, Ms Brinks Bella 535A8, she is the first daughter of Brinks Arabela to sell at auction and was consigned by Westall Ranches, Home of Brinks Brangus, Arabela, NM. She was purchased by Lake Majestik Farms, Flat Rock, AL for $22,000.
Selling for $19,000 was lot 27a, CB Ms Landau 541A26, consigned by Cavender Ranches, Jacksonville, TX. She is sired by the curve bending Landau and posts 7 EPD traits in the breed’s top 30% or better, and is a maternal sister to Hombre. She was purchased by Clover Ranch, Marietta, Georgia.
Lot 3 sold for $18,000. This powerful donor, Ms CRC Csonka 263U, is a maternal sister to Landau and records top 1% of the breed YW EPD. She was consigned by Truitt Brangus Farm, Auburn, AL and purchased by Draggin M Ranch Eldorado, AR.
Lot 14, Suhn’s Miss BT 331S43, was the high selling flush lot at $16,000. She is the dam of the $66,000 Foundation herd sire and a full sister to Next Step. The flush was consigned by Suhn Cattle Co, Eureka, KS and purchased by Draggin M.
The high selling bull was Lot 11, CX Tanque 23/T. 20% semen interest and full possession sold for $15,000 to Southern Cattle Co., Marianna, Fla. He is the sire of champions in multiple countries and was consigned by Trio Cattle and Genetics, Dallas Texas and Texas Connection, Wharton, TX.
The IJBBA donation heifer, Ms Salacoa Stonewall 99A5, donated by Salacoa Valley Farms, Fairmount, GA generated $41,000 and sold to a consortium of Brangus breeders.


March 7 • Yukon, Oklahoma
513 Total Registered Bull
Gross $3,839,550 Avg. $7484
Auctioneer: Eddie Sims, Jim Birdwell and Steve Dorran

Top bulls: C&C McKinley 3000 EXAR born on 01/01/13 was sired by Dameron First Class. He was sold for 1/2 interest to Nowatzke Cattle, IL for $255,000.
EXAR Resistol 3710B born on 01/04/13 was sired by A A R Ten X 7008 S A. He was bought by Resistol Syndicate, Yukon, OK for $137,500.
EXAR Stetson 3704B born on 01/04/13 and was sired by A A R Ten X 7008 S A. He sold for 1/3 interest to Stetson Syndicate, Yukon, OK for $110,000.
EXAR Turning Point 3510B born on 01/10/13 was sired by Connealy Final Product. He sold to Trent Ray, IL for $26,000.


March 8 • Proctor, Texas
124 Total Registered Females
Gross $646,300 Avg. $5212
Auctioneer: Jim Birdwell
Sale Manager: Parker Friedrich

Top open heifers: EF Blackbird 3241 born on 02/12/13 was sired by Connealy Consensus 7229. She was sold for 1/2 interest to Wes Williams, Argyle, TX for $40,000.
EF Rita 3244 born on 02/12/13 was sired by Rito 9Q13 of Rita 5F56 GHM. She was bought by Deer Valley Farm, Fayetteville, TN for $31,000.
EF Rita 3019 born on 01/01/13 and was sired by A A R Ten X 7008 S A. She sold to XL Ranch, Casper, WY for $20,000.
EF Rita 3217 born on 02/06/13 was sired by Baldridge Waylon W34. She sold to Express Ranches, Yukon, OK for $17,000.
Top bred heifer was EF Ruby of Tiffany 2672 born on 10/05/12 was sired by Rito 9M25 of Rita 5F56 Pred and bred to V A R Reserve 1111. She sold to XL Ranch, Casper, WY for $7,000.
Top open cows was Chair Rock Objective 7042 born on 08/11/07 was sired by S S Objective T510 0T26. She sold to Wes Williams, Argyle, TX for $20,000.
Top bred cow was EF Forever Lady 9237 born on 02/10/09 was sired by B C Lookout 7024 and bred to S A V Potency 0641. She sold to Cavender Ranches, Bullard, TX for $6,250.


March 8 • Hope, Arkansas
527 Females Avg. $1928
49 Bulls Avg. $3245

Top selling females; 104 pairs that were 2-7 years old brought $2250-3150. 47 heavy bred cows that were 4-7 years old brought $2300-2550. 36 light bred cows that were 3-7 years old brought $1900-2200. 112 heavy bred heifers brought $1325-2275. 14 head of light bred heifers brought $1225-1500. 10 head of light bred F1 black open heifers brought $2025. 62 head of F1 black heifers brought $1325-1525. 142 head of open heifers of Angus, Brangus and xbreds brought $1250-1425.
19 Angus bulls that were 15 months to 2 years old brought $2125-4600. 11 Balancer bulls that were 16-18 months brought $3250-4100. 8 Charolais bulls that were 2 years olds brought $2850-4350. 5 SimAngus bulls were coming 2 years old brought $3000-3400. 5 Hereford bulls were 2 years old brought $1950-3050. 1 Brahman bull was 2 years old brought $2250.


March 14 • Poteau, Oklahoma
123 Total Lots
51 Older Bulls $5157
18 Yearling Bulls $3888
5 Open Heifers $2000
11 Bred Heifers $2454
7 Bred Cows $2428
18 Fall Pairs $4863
13 Spring Pairs $2776
6 Comm. Bred Heifers (head) $2183
20 Commercial Pairs $3030
Gross $510,700 Avg. $4152
Auctioneer: Jerry Lehmann

Top bulls: WR Impression R233-608 born on 09/19/12 was sired by Connealy Impression. He was sold to James Anderson, Perkins, OK for $8500.
WR Final Product D232-837 born on 09/10/12 was sired by Connealy Final Product. He was bought by Stephen Lefler, Stigler, OK for $7500.
WR Complement R241-405G born on 09/30/12 and was sired by EF Complement 8088. He sold to Winfred Ashley, Bokoshe, OK for $6750.
WR Absolute D231-325 born on 09/09/12 was sired by K C F Bennett Absolute. He sold to Michael Archey, Cameron, OK for $6500.
Top bred heifer was CCC Miss 2011 born on 08/22/12 was sired by Mytty In Focus and bred to Mohnens Modern Design. She sold to Kiamichi River Angus, Muse, OK for $2700.
Top bred cow was WR Miss Max LO 945 of 661 born on 09/14/09 was sired by Connealy Lean On and bred to Broken Bow. She sold to Kiamichi River Angus, Muse, OK for $2800.


March 15 • Finley, Oklahoma
105 Total Registered Bulls
22 Older Bulls $4509
83 Yearling Bulls $3877
Gross $421,000 $4009
Auctioneer: Ronn Cunningham

Top bulls: KLR Consensus 3108 born on 01/28/13 was sired by Connealy Consensus 7229. He was bought by Red Bud Farm, AR for $10,500.
KLR Total 3052 born on 01/23/13 was sired by TC Total 410. He was bought by Flag Ranch, Scotts Bluff, NE for $9000.
KLR HD G18 2316 born on 11/01/12 and was sired by Hoover Dam. He sold to Matthew Hughes, Haskell, OK for $8500.
KLR Ten X 3030 born on 01/18/13 was sired by A A R Ten X 7008 S A. He sold to Rollin Barnes, Rose, OK for $8200.


















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